Bond Natland 2023/6,0

Can anyone buy these bonds? 
Only qualified investors can buy these bonds. This is in accordance with the law concerning investment companies and investment funds: Act No. 240/2013 Coll.

What is needed to qualify as a qualified investor? 
You need to honestly state that you have experience with investing and that you understand the associated risks. Following that, the minimum investment would be €125,000.
If you can also prove to the bond administrator that this investment is aligned with your background experience and goals, then the minimum investment is lowered to CZK 1 mil. (approx. €36,500).

What do the bonds finance? 
The acquisition and the preparation of Natland residential development projects before construction. You can be confident in our development projects due to our almost twenty years of experience, and the hundreds of flats that we have developed and sold.  

What kind of development projects does Natland specialise in?  
You can view both our current and past development projects here. For business reasons, we cannot discuss our future projects in detail.

What benefits can bonds offer to investors? 
Our bonds provide a significantly higher return than your money would get in the bank, and at only a minimal increase in risk thanks to the capital strength of Natland. 

Where can I read more about this bond?  
In the bond brochure