"Money is not enough for investing. We invest also our knowledge, our experience with managing companies, but also our courage to effect change."

Natland's strategy

Various problems can hamper a company’s growth. We strive to identify them and remove them, assisting in systemic change so that the company can function again. If a company has an interesting product, service or innovation but is struggling to keep itself afloat, we can help. We seek a solution that brings the company into its best shape. In such companies we are more than investors. We are crisis managers. We stabilise and restart the whole company. True, change can be difficult, but our experience and expertise show that it is often a necessary condition in order to continue the climb to the top and reach for the sky. 
In such projects we take the role of a problem solver with a positive attitude to risk. In project management we always follow a hands-on approach – that is what makes our distressed assets solutions so strong. After so many projects our team is considered one of the best on the market


De-stressing distressed assets

Distressed assets usually get into problems because of shareholder disputes, unexpected regulatory changes, botched intergenerational transfers, geopolitical influences, or the inability to adapt to market changes. Complicated inheritance and/or family disputes can also play a role. The unifying tell-tale sign is always a bad financial situation.