Help and Support 

Social responsibility, support for charitable activities, and help for the needy are all a part of Natland’s corporate culture. Our surrounding community gives us the support and courage that makes our success possible. Therefore, we are honoured to re-invest a portion of our earnings back into the community to help the people and projects that need it. 

We currently support

For several years now, we have been a general partner of this think-tank — the oldest on in the Czech Republic. Ever since the economic revolution, The Liberal Institute has been a driving force in the promotion of free and modern views on the economy and politics.  

We have been a long-time supporter of Krystof Kryzla, one of the Czech Republic’s best skiers.

We have supported this documentary which tells the story of Paul Johnson, an 80-year-old sailor who is committed to a life of absolute freedom. Produced by Toxpro, this film won its first major award from international film festivals in 2019.

We support this non-profit organization which specialises in helping women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. We help provide the rent and energy costs for the shelter throughout the entire year. The Natland team also happily took part in preparing Christmas presents for the children who live there. 

This non-profit organization focuses on providing information, news, and independent journalism. Natland has supported the institute since its inception, and Natland’s founder, Tomas Raska, also sits on their board of directors. This organization oversees, an independent government watchdog. Previous publications include the Map of Czech Justice, which was distributed to every 2019 graduate from Czech law schools — thanks to the support of Natland. 

Natland donated more than €110,000 to this national education program run by the non-profit organization People in Need. In the first half of 2020, it helped almost 1,500 children.  The typical family that they help faces a variety of difficult situations: single-parent households, and families struggling with debt, illness, lack of education, and the like. The counsellors of the organization help either kids either stay in, or return to, high school — including kids who have run into some kind of legal trouble. During the COVID-19 quarantine, help was needed more than ever because a lot of these children did not have access to the Internet. 

We participate in this charity project run by the Tereza Maxova Foundation. They help children in state care get placed back into families, and they also help mothers in need. Since 2009, this organisation has distributed more than €370,000.

The Czech Republic's policy on school lockdowns was very strict during Covid-19 epidemic. In the first wave we helped to equip a school in South Bohemia with IT technology for distance learning. In the second wave we financially supported an elementary school and a floorball team in North Bohemia. 

Previously supported projects

For several years we were the general partner of the Czech Top 100 association, which mapped out the most important Czech companies based on their management and other operational aspects — including their popularity.

Several times in the recent years, we have partnered up with this evaluation of the best Czech skier or snowboarder, affectionately called the “King of the white trail.” 

United Movement

We supported this dance studio as well as the dance group JRA2 from the town of Veselí nad Lužnicí on their journey to winning more than six titles at the World Championships, located in the Croatian city of Porec. 

Naše dítě 

We supported the Naše Dítě Foundation, an organization which helps children who are abused, mistreated, physically or mentally handicapped, or who have otherwise found themselves in a difficult life situation.

This foundation, established in 1997, was modelled after the American organization Foundation for a Civil Society. We supported the Via Foundation’s mission to develop Czech philanthropy such that donations, charity, generosity, and caring for others could become a regular part of everyday life. It is one of the largest and most active foundations, supporting several thousand charitable projects worth millions of euro. 

This endowment fund helps save children with blood disorders, cancer, or those who require bone marrow transplants. It donates to improve the equipment at Czech hospitals, contributes to improving the mental well-being of both the children being treated as well as their parents, and also significantly supports scientific projects. Among other things, Natland was the main partner of the benefit concert run by the endowment fund.