In a world like this it is now normal,
in Czechia and throughout the EU,
to save by investing.

Lagging behind Europe

Czechs are the fifth most passive savers in Europe. They hold 68% of their savings in banks. Yet there is no logical reason for such an overly cautious approach. The Czech economy is not stricken with the same problems as the economies of Greece, Bulgaria or Romania. Their populations are similarly cautious and perhaps for more understandable reasons. The relative health of the Czech economy, however, offers investors the opportunity to participate in its above-average rate of growth. Keys to such participation are offered by traditional financial non-banking instruments such as investment funds and company bonds. Czechs hold in these instruments 10% and 4% of their savings, respectively. That is well below the European average. 

Today everybody is an investor

It is no longer true that investing is only for big corporations or institutions. European households today invest twice as much in investment funds than they did ten years ago. Czechs are lagging behind. And these instruments do not even have to mean an enormous increase in risk for investors – as long as they choose their investments according to a proven track record and trustworthiness of the issuers, and pay attention to what the funds invest in as well. 

We want people to earn with us

As an investment group concentrating its investments into projects under our full control, we are in a position to offer investors an excellent return on their money, augmented with our expertise. Our financial instruments are not a lottery. 

Company owners, start-up enthusiasts, or the general public simply enjoying financial return – all our investors receive the support of our capable and stable team, and the benefits of our proven track record of successful investing in companies and in real estate development. 

Investors also enjoy high levels of safety with us. Our programmes for investors are developed alongside the most reputable banks on the market such as J&T Bank. Furthermore, Natland recently was recently given a clean bill of health by the Czech National Security Agency as a part of their due dilligence in issuing one of our subsidiaries a necessary security certificate. 


An investment fund makes sure that an investor’s money is constantly in a position to appreciate in value through building something tangible which our customers are going to enjoy. 

What will my money be invested in and what benefits can an investment fund offer me?

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The word “bond“ may seem associated with shackles and oppression, but a company bond is a liberating instrument allowing companies to improve their financial health. And to the investor, it allows them a piece of that success.

What will my money be invested in and how does investing in bonds help me?

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