Investment Funds

Natland investment funds only invest into real projects managed by Natland. The group carries full responsibility for the funds, which further minimizes the risk for external investors. You are not investing alone — Natland always invests its own capital both into the investment funds and into our projects.

Advantages of investing into a fund

Always available

Data and reports are always available for both current and potential investors. Additionally, you can always meet with investment specialists from either AVANT or our own team of advisers. 

Experienced management

We have over ten years of experience investing in real estate projects, so you know that any project we enter into will be thoroughly analysed and deemed a solid investment.

Assets under control

The money is only invested into projects that are either owned by the fund, or by companies for individual projects which the fund has complete control over.

Regulatory oversight

The fund is based in the Czech Republic and thus are under strict control by the Czech National Bank. The fund manager is AVANT, an investment company, and the largest fund manager for qualified investors inside the Czech Republic. Financial operations are overseen by the fund’s depository, which is Česká spořitelna, a.s, and the fund is subject to regular audits. 

Income tax exemption

Individuals are not required to pay income tax on this investment if it is not withdrawn before three years.


Investors can choose what to invest in and can request that their deposit be replenished.

We actively manage our investments

There are several different reasons for investing into a fund instead of directly into a company. For example, the investor may not have enough information about a company’s direction or their business goals. Or perhaps he or she does not have the time or energy to regularly monitor either the progress of the company, or the market in which it operates.

Natland knows both traditional and alternative markets and has a strong grasp on financial management. That, combined with the extensive analysis that the group performs on every project that the fund invests into, means that you can rest assured that our portfolio is safe and of the highest quality.

Available funds

TYPe issuer fund type expected share yield buy-backs subscription publicly traded  minimum investment entry fee exit fee fund costs
Premium investment shares ECFS Credit Fund SICAV Qualified Investors' Fund 7.2-7.5% monthly monthly no €125,000 up to 3% up to 3% p.a. of asset value
Priority investment shares Natland Assets Fund SICAV Qualified Investors' Fund 5.4-5.5% semi-annually (within 90 days) monthly on the Prague Stock Exchange €125,000 3% 0% after 3 years, o/w 10%  Max. 0.5% p.a. of avg. asset values

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