What makes is an investor? Simply put, it’s anyone who has ever used his spare resources to help someone else fulfil their goals. However, there are times where an investor might not have enough information about the goals which are to be achieved. Another possible concern is that it may take some time for any results to be visible and the investor may be worried about uncertainty. 

Investing in a fund is an ideal solution. Our investment group has all three essential building blocks for a high-quality and safe portfolio:

  • Knowledge of the market and financial management
  • Experience gained in the past and/or in alternative settings or countries
  • Time that the group has invested into the meticulous preparation and analysis of projects for the investment fund

All while investors keep all of the main benefits:

  • Security of full control: Natland investment funds invest always only into Natland’s own real projects under our full management and support. With control comes naturally also responsibility. We significantly invest our own funds into the projects, and often also funds which have been entrusted to us by a reputable bank. 
  • No income tax: Individuals are not liable to pay income tax once their investment in the fund has exceeded 3 years.
  • Flexibility: While the fund continues to invest, any investor in the fund can either increase his participation or have his share paid out, together with accrued earnings. 

Available funds

TypeIssuerExpected yieldBuybackSubscriptionPublicly tradedMin. investmentEntry feeExit feeFund costsFund typeManager
Security (Priority Investment Shares)NRIF5.4-5.52%semi-anually (up to 90 days)monthlyYes, on Prague Stock Exchange1 mio. CZK / 125 th. EUR3%10% if under 3 years, 0% after 3 yearsMax. 0.5% p.a. of average asset valueQualified Investors' Fund

AVANT investiční společnost a.s.

Factsheet 2Q 2019