NATLAND Group increased in 2017 its consolidated net profit to CZK 120 million. Total assets of projects have climbed to CZK 3,9 billion

Prague 3/7/18 – Natland's large transactions last year included the sale of its 50% stake in the golf resort at the spatown of Carlsbad, and the majority stake in AVANT, the country's largest manager of Qualified Investor Funds. 

The growth of profits was only outpaced by the growth of real value of assets under NATLAND Group's management. They grew by more than one third from CZK 847 million to CZK 1.15 billion. Their total revenues climbed to CZK 1.4 billion. Consolidated profit rose from CZK 99 million to CZK 120 million, according to the audited company report. The cumulated profits of all projects with NATLAND Group's interest reached CZK 191 million. 

„In 2017 we have, furthermore, toughened up our rules for forming reserves in light of our expectations of future market developments. Had it not been for the this adjustment, our profits would have been another 15 p.p higher," clarifies David Manych, Group's partner responsible for finance.  

NATLAND Group was successful in divesting last year and further two large divestments are about to be completed this year. One is under review by the Slovak antitrust authorities, the other one will be completed in the Czech Republic in a matter of months. NATLAND Group works on several large projects, including financing of the PSJ Group. NATLAND Group's family of companies employs about 400 people.

„This year we have started the construction of yet another real estate project - Lipence Park. In addition, many smaller projects are being prepared. In fact, there are so many opportunities on the market that we will issue bonds, with the first batch totalling CZK 100 million. We have also completed launching our fund on the stock market and another CZK 100 million tranche of investment shares will go on sale. Altogether we plan to raise CZK 400 million on the market," adds Manych. 

In Private Equity, 2017 saw the formation of the technological hub MIND FORGE Group. The EC Financial Services Company was awarded the Czech National Bank's licence to provide consumer loans - it is among the first four licencees on the market. The Prague City Golf club is in the process of integrating the oldest golf academy on the Czech market. 

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