"To develop is to build not just new places to live, but also to build long-term relationship with our clients." 

Building for people

We always start from the location’s potential. We are interested in the needs of those who will live, work and relax in our creations. Improving and beautifying the neighbourhood is just as important to us the building itself. We build for people who want to continue participating in forming their environment. 

We remain close to our clients even after we hand over the keys. Our job as personal real estate assistants and investment advisors does not end there. As we are trusted by our clients, often a whole new chapter begins when they ask us for further assistance, such as with evaluating and selling previous property, renting the new property, or with furnishing their new home. 

We build lasting relationships with our clients and we are proud of the trust they have in us. This has been key in our becoming known as a developer with satisfied customers.

  • 2,5   bn. CZK invested
  • 900 Sold apartments

10 years on the market
10 years of success

Our projects have been voted by the public to be the Absolute Winner of the prestigious Real Estate Project of the Year; not once, but three times in the 7 year history of the competition. Furthermore, our project Bubeneč Gardens in Prague 6 won in 2018 the Architects’ Prize awarded by jury of experts. And yet, the most important award for the quality of our work is always the positive feedback from our satisfied clients. 

We build homes

"We keep hearing that we must build: so that living costs fall, so that young families can find a place, so that children have a place to play. However, to build means also to bear great responsibility for the future. What is once built is later difficult to change quickly. It is therefore necessary to build smartly. Everything must serve its purpose not only today or tomorrow, but also the day after tomorrow. Both on location and in the wider area. That is why we approach every project in the original meaning of 'development' as progress. Through smart investments we create smart places to live."

Jana Sečkářová

Jana Sečkářová


Smart investment is not about the size.
It is to understand what exactly is needed,
and how to achieve it in the smartest possible way.