Ever since our founding in 2002, our main goal at Natland has been to change the world around us for the better through investment. We help companies which are struggling to fulfil their potential on their own, all while bringing new ideas to life and improving the lives of those living in or around the properties we develop. 

We are proud of our flexibility and in being a fair business partner. We are decisive and have a healthy attitude towards risk. We are constantly gaining new experience from all of our projects, which helps us grow as a company.

Our business model is centred on three basic pillars:

/Positive impact: We help a new company turn a brilliant idea or innovation into something that benefits the world . We buy a piece of land and turn it into a beautiful and pleasant place to live. We revive a company that got itself into a difficult situation which helps preserve the jobs of its employees. All in all, we do everything we can to make things better. 

/Expertise: We are not just investors; we are also experts. We have experience, we have know-how, and we know what companies need to stand on their own two feet again. We use a personal approach to investing and we stay involved in the work throughout the process. We are not guided by the numbers alone. We also concern ourselves with the people, develop new ideas, and spark up enthusiasm and a positive atmosphere. With these ingredients combined, we then go and rebuild a profitable company again. 

/Added value: We support projects which are able to add value to their surroundings. We are looking to kick-start positive and systemic changes. A whole community cooperates with us on our projects and they are sustainable. We can offer people a job in which they will be beautifying their run-down surroundings. 


In Numbers

Figures in this column of graphs are drawn from consolidated accounts. Sloupec standardní barvy vykazuje pro rok 2018 výsledky báze srovnatelné s předcházejícími lety. Světlejší části grafů zobrazují mimořádný efekt jednorázového zisku z prodeje investice Paroplynový cyklus Bratislava ve výši 492 mil. Kč.



Smart investing

“We live during the time of smart phones, smart networks, and smart cities so it only makes sense to have  CleverMaps and CleverFarms in our investment portfolio. Our team of analysts are also quite smart, but that isn’t enough to make success guaranteed. It isn’t only size that makes for a smart investment, but also whether the investor understands exactly what is needed to do and how to reach their goals in a smart way. That’s our speciality.” 

David Manych

David Manych


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2019Ekologická energie a vlití energie do e-tailu

Akviziční financování a podíl v Energo Příbram, s.r.o., investice do transformace teplárny z uhlí na biomasu

Akvizice AZ Tower, nejvyšší budovy v zemi

Povolena reorganizace ZOOT, a.s., Natland financuje provoz během reorganizace

2018EC Financial Services and cogeneration plant

EC Financial Services (brandname Express Cash) acquired a segment of consumer loans from Jet Money

Sale of PPC Energy (cogeneration of electricity and heat) to Veolia Energia Slovakia

2017MindForge and divestment

Consolidation of the technology hub MindForge Group finalised

Successful divestment of half of a golf course in Carlsbad

Sale of AVANT company via management buy-out

2016Clever family, SODAT, and equity milestone

Acquired companies: CleverFarm, CleverMaps, Clever Analytics, and SODATSW

Equity of Natland Group exceeded CZK 1 billion for the first time

2015KLIKA-BP, BELLO, and golf

Acquisition of majority stake in KLIKA-BP company

Acquisition of 50% stake in BELLO company

Consolidation of golf interests through the UK company EUROPE GOLF INVESTMENTS LTD

2014GAUSS Algorithmic, and Karel Týc

Seed investment in GAUSS Algorithmic 

Partial change of shareholders. Co-founding shareholder Jan Koťátko leaves, Karel Týc comes in as a partner responsible for Real Estate projects.

2013Prague City Golf, and 2 divestments

Acquisition of Prague City Golf, exclusive golf range in Prague

Sale of civil engineering company PROMINECON CZ (formerly PROMINECON GROUP), via management buy-out

Divestment from Taiko. Stake sold to majority shareholder.

2012EC Financial Services, and AVANT

Acquisition of EC Financial Services, a leading provider of non-banking loans on Czech market

Acquisition of 80% stake in investment company AVANT Fund Management

2011Slavia and divestment

Acquisition, restructuring and recapitalisation of the football club Slavia Prague

Exit from Energy 21 group, sold to MidEuropa Partners

2010Prominecon and divestment

Takeover and restructuring of the construction and developer company PROMINECON GROUP 

Exit from consulting companies APOGEO and SMART Office & Companies, via management buy-out


Minority stake acquisition in Taiko company, restructuring

2008VNPT and divestment

Joint Venture with Vietnamese telecommunications operator - VNPT Global Communication

Sale of BGS LEVI Group to the group eD' System Czech

2007BK Pardubice, and Lumen Energy

Acquisition and rescue of premiere league basketball club klubu BK Pardubice

Acquisition of minority stake in electricity and gas trader Lumen Energy

2006Energy 21 and merger

Start of Energy 21 project - construction of photovoltaic power plants

Merger of Czech group LEVI International a Slovak BGS – Distribution; acquisition of minority stake

2005Čakovice Park

Start of preparations for construction of residential complex Čakovice park, in cooperation with M&K Development company as their financial partner


Growing co-investments in the segment of small enterprises.
Co-financing of real estate development projects.

2003Foundation of consultancy group

APOGEO/Smart Office & Companies

2002Foundation of the group

by Messrs. Tomáš Raška and Jan Koťátko, originally as a M&A and transaction boutique