Natland Residential Investment Rund ranks among TOP real estate funds on Czech market

Natland Residential Investment Fund by Natland Investment Group is ranked among TOP real estate qualified investor funds by the leading Czech business daily newspaper. The rankings are evaluated in cooperation with the Institute of Strategic Investing at the Finance Faculty of the University of Economics, Prague. 

According to the independent analysis, Natland Residential Investment Fund achieves TOP TEN yield among real estate funds for qualified investors. Consistently it has been achieving 5.5 - 5.6% yield over many years. It is also the second largest real estate qualified investor fund on the market. Its total investments have already exceeded EUR 120 million

Interest rates have been low for savers for many years now, but housing prices keep rising. A direct purchase of real estate can present a large entry cost for the individual investor and saver, together with excessive exposure to one market. Real estate funds therefore offer a suitable alternative, enabling convenient participation in the property boom

Real estate investment funds keep growing in popularity and increasing numbers of people use it as a standard method of growing their savings. Data indicate that the amounts invested in real estate share funds has increased more than tenfold over the last 7 years.

Natland Residential Investment Fund has a deserving place among TOP real estate funds thanks to its track record of offering savers secure return: it invests in residential real estate projects under direct control. It also benefits from the backing offered by Natland as a strong and expert investment group. Inclusion among TOP real estate funds by the exprert group further illustrates the growig importance of the Group also on the real estate market.

Investors can benefit from this growth not only through the investment fund but also through Natland Bonds.

More information about Natland Residential Investment Fund can be found here >

Natland Investment Group concentrates on private equity projects with specialisation in distressed assets, and on real estate development primarily on Czech and Slovak markets. It is a partner sought by company managements for MBO transactions. The Group is dedicated to hands-on approach to investments and is actively engaged in project management. Net profit exceeded EUR 25 million in 2018, with total assets in projects in excess of EUR 200 million. The Group was founded in 2002 by Tomáš Raška and currently has 3 other Partners - Jana Sečkářová, Karel Týc and David Manych.

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