Investing is about more than just money

Natland focuses on investing in ownership positions in mid-sized companies as wells as in residential development on the Czech and Slovak markets. We specialise in distressed assets, i.e. companies that have run into difficult financial situations. Some of our equity holdings are subject to verification by the National Security Officer and a license from the Czech National Bank. The group was founded in 2002 by Tomáš Raška and currently has three additional share-holding partners: Jana Sečkářová, Karl Týc, and David Manych. 

Natland by the numbers

Investment group's own capital

Diversification of portfolio based on fair-value assessments

Total value of investment group assets

Total value of owned companies' assets

Net profits of investment group

Owned companies' total revenue

* For better analysis of Natland’s long-term performance, profits from 2018 are displayed both including (lighter shade), and excluding (darker shade), the extraordinary profits made from the sale of PPC Investments.

We are supported by three main pillars

Positive change

We are here to help. Natland assists companies that need assistance bringing their great idea to life as well as those that have run into some financial difficulties. We like to use our expertise to make the world around us a better place, and we take pride in building beautiful places to raise a family. Our core strength is based on a diverse portfolio with internal synergies. 


We are professionals.  Since the beginning, we have been earning our client’s trust in our knowledge and expertise. We are more than just investors; we are primarily business experts, and we know how to get troubled companies operational again. We take a personal and active approach in our investments, often combining our well-developed instincts with solid data.  

Added value

We create future opportunities. By implementing positive, systemic change into our projects, we do more than increase revenue. We also create new jobs, ensure cherished brands can continue with their legacy, and we also give back to our community whenever possible. We believe in leaving everything we touch better than it was when we found it.


We are passionate about the work that we do, and we approach even everyday tasks with enthusiasm. We are committed to making a lasting and positive impact on every single business partner, company, project, or idea that we interact with. 

Creating happiness makes us happy

Helping the needy and contributing to socially beneficial activities or projects has always been a big part of who we are as a company. We are honoured to re-invest a portion of our earnings back into the community that makes our success possible. 

Join us

We are looking for team players who show up to work every day with enthusiasm, energy, talent, and heart.