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About us

We are Natland investment group. We invest in medium sized companies with underutilised potential, no matter what field they are in. When companies are in trouble, we try to implement a fundamental turnaround and set them on their own feet again. As a developer we build complex units which are not mere collections of buildings; they make a whole. In all projects we follow hands-on approach, personally managing and developing our investments. In everything we do we strive to change the world for the better, proving that being attentive to our impact on all actors can be a successful and sustainable business strategy.

2002 Year of foundation

billion CZK aktiva skupiny

1,35 billion vlastní kapitál

50 realizovaných projektů

500 employees

Smart investments

“Our investments are not mere financial injections. We invest smartly with a real zeal for every project we enter. In addition to financial backing we also invest our time, our know-how and our experience. Such personal approach is our true speciality."

David Manych

David Manych