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The ECFS Credit Fund SICAV is a fund of qualified investors, focused on investment securities, ownership interests or loans. The fund’s investment goal is constant valorisation of funds deposited by the fund’s shareholders, mainly in the form of direct and indirect investments into ownership interests, bonds and loans. It will invest more than 90% of the value of its assets into investment securities (stocks and bonds), collective investment securities, interests and providing credits and loans.

  • up to 8.8% expected yield
  • CZK 396 million volume of fund assets
  • 4 years investment horizon

Why to Invest in the Fund

  • Superior return on premium investment shares (PRIA) up to 8.8% p.a.*
  • Priority share in the fund’s profit (prior to the fund founder – holder of investment performance shares)
  • The yield of individual classes of investment shares:

             PIAD (Dividend-investment preference shares) yield amounting to 6.9-7.2% p.a.

             PIAR (Growth-investment preference shares) yield amounting to 6.9-8.4% p.a.*

             PRIA (Premium investment shares) yield amounting to 7.2-8.8 %p.a.*

  • Guarantee of minimum yield of investment preference shares PIAD and PIAR at 6.9% p.a. and investment shares PRIA at 7.2% p.a., this even if the fund’s profit is lower or the fund suffers a loss. The guarantee is a form of redistributing fund capital from the holders of investment performance shares to the benefit of holders of investment preference shares (PIAD, PIAR and PRIA), this up to the volume of this fund capital.
  • Professional administration of assets
  • Higher degree of portfolio diversification 
  • Supervision of how fund assets are used by the depository (CYRRUS, a.s.).
  • Lower 5% income tax rate on income from investment funds.
  • Regulation by the Czech National Bank.
  • Possible tax exemption from personal income tax at redemption of investment shares after 3 years.
  • Conditions of investing according to the qualified investors’ fund rules, i.e., if the investor solemnly declares in an affidavit that they are aware of the risks and have experience with investments, the minimum investment is EUR 125 thousand. If, aside from the affidavit, the investor proves to the fund administrator that the investment corresponds to the facilities and goals of the investor, the minimum investment is CZK million.

* a limited-time increase of the maximum yield of PIAR and PRIA shares from September 1st 2022 until August 31st 2024.

Basic Parameters

The fund’s legal form joint stock company with variable capital (SICAV)
Type of fund qualified investors’ fund
Underlying fund assets investment securities, ownership interests, loans
Issued security growth-investment preference shares (PIAR)
dividend-investment preference shares (PIAD)
Publicly traded no
Frequency of investment share subscription monthly
Minimum investment CZK 1 mil. for share classes PIAD and PIAR,
CZK 5 mil. for share classes PRIA,
for the product AVANT Flex it is CZK 100,000
Entry fee up to 3%
Investment horizon medium-term, 4 years
Frequency of investment share redemption quarterly
Maturity of investment share redemption within 6 months 
Entry fee 0% with request for redemption after 3 years from subscription 
15% with request for redemption after 2 years from subscription 
20% with request for redemption within 2 years from subscription
Taxation of fund yields 5% from the fund’s profit
Taxation of shareholders – natural persons 15% with redemption within 3 years, 0% with redemption after 3 years 
Fund manager AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Fund administrator AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Fund depository CYRRUS, a.s.
Fund auditor TPA Audit s.r.o.

Basic information

​On 30.3.2021, the Fund was created by entry into the commercial register. The date of entry of the Fund in the list of Investment funds with legal personality maintained by the CNB pursuant to § 597, paragraph 1, letter a) ZISIF: 16.3.2021.​

Fund management
The management of the Fund is carried out only by the Investment Company and is not, even in part, entrusted to another person. The operator is AVANT investiční společnost, a.s., IČO: 27590241, with registered office at Hvězdova 1716/2b, 140 00 Prague 4-Nusle. The decision on the authorization to operate the Investment Company is the decision of the CNB, file no. 41/N/157/2006/5 2007/5698/540 dated 4/4/2007, which entered into force on 4/4/2007.​

Depository of the fund
The depository is a company registered in the list of depositories maintained by the CNB in accordance with § 596 letter d) ZISIF and is the company CYRRUS, a.s., with registered office at Veveří 3163/111. Žabovřesky, 616 00 Brno, ID number: 63907020

Investment objective and focus of the fund

The investment objective of the Fund is to continuously achieve a stable appreciation of the funds invested by Investors. The Fund will invest the majority of the value of its assets in investment securities (shares and bonds), collective investment securities, Participations and in the provision of credits and loans. Investing in the Fund is suitable for Qualified Investors who are willing to take a higher level of risk in order to achieve, in the medium to long-term horizon, a corresponding appreciation of the invested funds.​​

The fund is a fund of qualified investors according to Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on investment companies and investment funds, its shareholder can only be a qualified investor according to § 272 of this act. The administrator warns investors that the value of the investment in the fund can fall as well as rise, and the return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. The fund's performance in previous periods does not guarantee the same or higher performance in the future. The investment in the fund is intended to achieve a return during its medium and long-term holding, and is therefore not suitable for short-term speculation. In particular, potential investors should consider the specific risks that may result from the fund's investment objectives as stated in its statute. The investment objectives are reflected in the recommended investment horizon as well as in the fees and costs of the fund.

You can find information on screening, investigation and reporting obligations for investors (tax non-residents and US persons) to the specialized tax office and other important information for investors here.

Information on the processing of personal data is available here

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