About Us

We are the Natland Investment Group. We operate primarily on the Czech and Slovak markets. We mainly invest capital in medium-sized companies, strategically we focus on the areas of energy and real estate – residential and multi-purpose. Through specialised investment funds, we administer our own assets as well as those of our shareholders and qualified investors. Our competitive advantage is based on our expertise in the area of crisis management of companies in complex situations. 

The Natland Group was founded in 2002 by Tomáš Raška, originally as a company specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Subsequently it was transformed into an investment boutique, also thanks to co-investments with M&A clients. Over time, Natland Group’s profile was refined to financial investor into medium-sized companies; the consultancy segment was sold off to the management in 2010. 

In 2014, it expanded to include a real estate segment, upon the acquisition of a stake in M & K Real Estate, becoming Natland Real Estate, a developer of residential and multi-purpose real estate projects as well as Group’s projects involving investments in development though the fund Natland investiční fond SICAV, a.s. and its sub-fund Natland Real Estate.
At present, the Group’s partners are also Karel Týc, David Manych and Jana Sečkářová. 

How Do We Invest 

Our strategic focus is energy and real estate, our aim is steady growth. To the companies and projects that become part of our portfolio we bring high-quality financial management, administration and asset utilisation, which results in higher market valorisation. In the primary phase we finance from our own resources, after stabilisation the variant of outside financing, e.g., by a bank, becomes an option. We valorise companies, equity as well as our investors’ capital. 

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Natland Investment Group in Figures

The Investment Group’s Equity 

Field diversification of the fair value of investments (%) 

Total value of the Investment Group’s assets 

Total value of the companies’ assets** 

The Investment Group’s net profit 

The Group companies’ turnover

* The values for 2018 for the Investment Group are shown including extraordinary profit from the sale of PPC Investments, for better comparison of the long-term results of the Group 

** The values are based on account statements drawn up according to IFRS or CAS. | For entities where annual re-valuation takes place within the framework of Fair Value evaluation, the value was corroborated by comparing the book value of assets to the market value of invested capital, i.e., Enterprise Value. This is used whenever the divergence from book values of company assets total surpasses 15 percent, in order for the index to represent the real value of assets as closely as possible. | For companies in which Natland has significant influence (20-50 percent) we factor in the company’s assets, capital and turnover according to the volume of Natland’s equity interest. | Where there is decisive influence (more than 50 percent), we factor in the full value of assets, capital and turnover. | For holding companies, we only factor in the assets where the counterparty is not a part of the Natland Group. 

We Give Companies in Trouble a Second Chance

Even a company that got off to a great start can get into trouble or be stumped by all sorts of complications. Our competitive advantage is based on our expertise in the area of crisis management of companies in complex situations. 
We’re not scared to face them. We strive to find and recognise, remedy such situations and help with a systemic change allowing further operation. We look for solutions to get the company back into shape as best possible. In such situation we are crisis managers. If we see any potential in a company, a good team and interesting product, it’s worth our while. Restructuring, saving companies from bankruptcy or other trouble – that’s our strength. 
All kinds of reasons can drag a company down. Below are examples of some of the experiences we’ve had and troubles we’ve dealt with in the past. 

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