Investing is about more than just money

We believe that it is not enough to just invest money. That is why we also invest our knowledge, our experience with corporate management, and even our courage to navigate change.

€ 257 million

group assets

800 people

group employees



54 000


We want to create something special

We do not limit ourselves to certain industries — we are looking for any interesting product, idea, untapped potential, and especially enthusiastic teams with a vision. We want our investments to have a lasting benefit to the future. 

We are not afraid of distressed assets

On the contrary, actually. We are specialists in distressed assets, i.e. business which may be burdened with legal disputes; those failing to adapt to legislative or geopolitical changes; or those with internal conflicts between owners. We believe all problems have a solution, and we are interested in any project where we see potential.

We supply more than just money

Money will never be enough. We also supply experience, knowledge, and expertise to our projects. We tend to focus on medium-sized companies that are either in a phase of growth or in a time of crisis. Occasionally, we will help extremely interesting projects who are still in their early phases.  

We focus on two main areas

Step by step

In 2002, Tomas Raska founded a company specializing in mergers and acquisitions. After some time, his previous M&A clients became co-investors in his new investment boutique. Over time, Natland positioned itself as simply an investor in the medium-sized business segment, and is 2010 the consulting part of the business was sold off to management. 

As of 2014, the group expanded from primarily focusing on distressed assets to also investing in real estate. Natland purchased a stake in M & K Real Estate (now: Natland Real Estate), which currently runs the group’s residential development projects. Its founders, Karel Tyc and Jana Seckarova, were made shareholding partners of Natland. Eventually David Manych, previously the group’s CFO, would be added as the fourth partner.