Our Past Projects

In the past twenty years we have helped with dozens of projects. Thanks to our outlook, knowledge and experience, combined with a feeling for what we are doing, we managed to enhance our portfolio with significant companies that became or are about to become leaders on the market in their field. We invest in projects and undertakings from fields we understand. We strive to develop strategically, thanks to our many years of experience we know what is going on in our field. We manage all projects personally, supporting them with leadership and management. Our investments prepare them for the future; once we see potential in a company, we want to develop it further.

We primarily focus on the sectors of energy and real estate – residential and multi-purpose. We invest in developer projects by through our fund Natland Investment Fund SICAV and its sub-fund Natland Real Estate we also invest in prospective and profitable real estate projects with great potential.

The aim of our investments is sustainable growth and further development. To the companies and projects that become part of our portfolio we bring high-quality financial management, administration and asset utilisation, which results in a higher market valorisation. In the primary phase we finance from our own resources, after stabilisation the variant of outside financing, e.g., by a bank, becomes an option. We valorise companies, equity as well as our investors’ capital.

20 Years

  • 23 active investments in the areas of private equity and real estate projects
  • CZK 6.1 billion value of assets of companies where Natland has significant influence
  • CZK 3.03 billion total value of Natland’s ownership interest
  • Results in 2021

Natland Group Portfolio

  • Finished

    Čakovický park

    One of the largest development projects in Prague

    • Type: Residential
    • Year of investment: 2011
    • Year of termination: 2019
    • Market: Czech Republic
    • Share: Majority
    • Number of units: 816
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