More information is available in the Factsheet of ECFS Credit Fund SICAV, a.s.

Premium investment shares 
The Fund is a Qualified Investors' Fund pursuant to Czech Law 240/2013 Coll. Only a qualified investor meeting the definition in Par. 272 of the Law can become a shareholder in the Fund. 
What does the Fund invest in?
The Fund specialises in financing development projects pursued by the non-bank lender EC Financial Services, a.s. (sometimes abbreviated as ECFS). 
What benefits are there for me as an investor? 
The Fund offers an above-standard expected return of 7.2 - 7.5% p.a. 
Premium investment shares offer a preferential share on the Fund's profits (before the Fund's Founder).
If Buyback occurs after 3 years, Czech natural persons pay no income tax on the return. There is also no exit fee after 3 years. Until then the exit fee is 15% (2-3 years) and 20% (up to 2 years) respecivelly. 
What is the potential of the consumer loans market in which the Fund will be investing?
There are 4.4 mil. households in the Czech Republic, with debt levels below those of Western European standards (60% of income). GDP per capita is high, exceeding 20,000 EUR. 
The Banking Sector (with its 67.3 bn. EUR of loans) is relinquishing its market share of more risky loans to the Non-bank Sector.